Assistant Professor of Quantitative Analysis,
Mississippi State Univ. College of Business

Dr. Zhuo joined the faculty at Mississippi State University in 2020. Prior, she was a post-doctoral research fellow working with Dr. Jagpreet Chhatwal. She joined MGH-ITA as a clinical research coordinator in January 2018. She earned her PhD in Management Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2019. She received a BS degree in Chemistry in 2010 and MEng degree in Control Engineering in 2012, both at Nankai University, China.

Dr. Zhuo’s research interest lies in operations management, with applications in health care. Her main methodology involves optimization with uncertainties, including stochastic programming, dynamic modeling, and simulation. She is currently working in the area of Hepatitis C virus infection, with a focus on the cost-effectiveness analysis and health economics of disease screening and treatment.


Jagpreet Chhatwal, PhD
MGH Inst. for Tech. Assessment
Harvard Medical School
101 Merrimac St. STE 1010
Boston, MA 02114 United States


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